Thursday, October 13, 2011



22sept2011 [pretending like nothing had ever happened. doing fake smile to myself all day long. haluan sendiri. haluan sendiri. it echoed it my mind until today. did the person ever mind? wallahua'lam. be strong lah! ya Allah, yassirli amri, qawwini]

27sept2011 [syafawi quran ^^ alhamdulillah. insyaAllah mumtaz amin]

30sept2011 [adek DZ's birthday, enjoying the quarrels with her.couldnt help 'bulliying+loving' her at the same time. a week later,DZ ice-cream susprise,are you afraid to eat in dark :D thnx along,ayong,angah,achik,alang,ateh,ayang,adik,ucu; for everything]

3oct2011 [tahriri quran. alhamdulillah :) ]

4oct2011 [ alhamdulillah :)]

5oct2011 [mustolah hadis. alhamdulillah :)]

6oct2011 [english( morning)+khat(afternoon).quite interesting eh? alhamdulillah]

7oct2011 [tarannum.every question puzzled everyone coz the facts were not in da book. but still, alhamdulillah]

10oct2011 [fiqhmumalat2.the last paper. alhamdulillah.]

11oct2011 [going back home]

alhamdulillah. :)
will be back to DQ; 19th. insyaAllah. misi meNang lilislam!

p.s: do your best!


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